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3 Reasons to Try Group Fitness Classes at This Denver Gym

Did you ever wonder why people sign up for group fitness studios when you can just go for a run or join a gym or use your Peloton? There are so many easier and more convenient ways to exercise and yet group fitness classes in Denver are exploding in popularity. Group fitness classes have some distinct advantages over other fitness options. Exercising with other people is motivating and fun. Group fitness classes help you stick to a workout schedule. Also, you exercise according to a pre-programmed well-thought-out set of movements designed by professionals. You can get the same benefits working with a personal trainer, but that’s a lot more expensive. If you’re struggling with motivation or consistency or find exercising alone getting old, a group fitness studio might be the right option for you.

ABOUT US: We own downtown Denver’s premier boxing fitness studio, Worth The Fight Boxing & Fitness Studio. We are an independent local downtown Denver fitness studio, not a franchise or chain. We’re unique and original, like you, and we’re passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals! Try us without commitment – get 7 days of group fitness classes for $29!

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WTF Boxing is a top boxing fitness studio in downtown Denver!

Are you wondering what Denver group fitness studio to try or which group fitness classes are near me? You’ve come to the right place. Here are three reasons you should try group fitness classes at Worth The Fight Boxing Denver:

1. Worth The Fight Boxing Denver’s group fitness classes are designed by fitness professionals, and they’re fun and varied, which helps you develop a habit of exercising. We make a group fitness membership at WTF even more engaging with frequent special events in and out of our fitness studio.

One great thing about group fitness classes is that you get a pre-programmed balanced workout. Unless you are a fitness professional yourself, you probably don’t know how to program a workout to make the best use of your time working out. Even if you do, you may not have access to all the equipment you need to execute that workout. Denver group fitness studios solve all these problems. All you have to do is show up and participate and you can rest assured that you will be getting a great workout maximizing the time you’re spending exercising.

At WTF Boxing, we spend a lot of time designing great workouts that are fun, empowering, and varied. Your group fitness classes at WTF Denver are planned by people with tons of fitness experience. Variety and fun are key to developing a habit of working out. If you enjoy your workout, it is easier to be consistent about it until you develop a habit. The role of fun is often overlooked by people in the fitness industry when they’re designing workouts. There seems to be a belief that it’s fine for working out to be boring and painful.

No, just no. You should look forward to working out! If you haven’t found a workout that you enjoy, then you need to keep trying new forms of exercise until you do. Come try Worth The Fight Boxing Denver without commitment – get a 7-day trial of unlimited boxing, kickboxing, strength training, and yoga group fitness classes for only $29!

That fun is key to developing a lifelong fitness habit is an integral belief of ours at WTF Boxing. We don’t just make our group fitness classes enjoyable – we do more to make membership at our group fitness studio fun. We have regular events for our members to hang out and get to know each other – for example, we frequently to hit and sips or stink and drinks where we pair a group workout class with some good old-fashioned drinking, sometimes at our group fitness studio and sometimes at local bars, wineries, distilleries, etc. We love to partner with other small local community businesses.

If drinking isn’t your thing, fear not – we also have many other events. We just did our first self-defense and personal safety class this weekend, which will be a regular thing going forward. We are also in the middle of our inaugural Fright Week – we decorated the whole studio with fun Halloween accruements, and all the workouts have Halloween themes like Night of the Living Deadlift. We even added Halloween animations to the programming we project onto screens during class, and everyone who completes at least 5 Fright Week workouts will get a prize. Those are just a couple examples of things we do to make a group fitness membership at WTF Boxing Denver fun and engaging.

To be honest, organizing all these extra special events and themed weeks and so forth is a lot of extra work for me and my wife. We are a tiny independent business, and my wife and I do everything ourselves. But we really believe that making fitness fun is critical to people’s fitness journeys, and we believe in group workouts over other ways of working out because we think community is key to keeping people on track with their health and fitness goals. We don’t want to be a sterile impersonal gym where you go to work out and no one knows you or speaks to you (although there is nothing wrong with that if that’s your thing!). We are personally invested in the fitness journeys of each member in our studio.

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Try WTF Boxing Denver – get 7 days of group fitness classes for $29!
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2. It is more motivating and enjoyable to work out in a group with a community of people you’re connected to, and Worth The Fight Boxing Denver’s group fitness studio has an AWESOME community.

Another reason many people prefer group fitness classes in Denver over other fitness options is that group workouts are more engaging and motivating. Ever had that feeling when you’re working out of being bored and wishing it was over? Seriously, has anyone in the world not felt that way while running on a treadmill in the gym? Working out in a group helps to pass the time and gives you a built in community that you look forward to seeing (which also helps to keep you motivated when the going gets tough). Also, when your quads are burning and you feel like you can’t possibly do another rep, seeing your friends around you pushing through inspires you to keep going. When I work out in a group, I always push myself a little harder. This is why group workout classes can actually help you advance further toward your fitness goals.

A key part of this is that the group fitness studio has to have a great community where people feel connected. This is not something that just happens, in our experience. The group workout studio needs to cultivate its community and help people to form deep connections.

That’s why we at WTF Boxing make an effort to create a great community. Our group fitness classes are very friendly and fun. Members look forward to seeing the regulars, and we’ve even had people meet significant others in our classes.

A great community isn’t exactly something you can completely control as the owner of a group fitness studio, but you do have some influence over it. For one thing, you as the owner set the culture of your group fitness studio. WTF is small and independent (and we’re also a female-owned, LGBTQ-owned, BIPOC-owned fitness studio – yep, we check ’em all), and we attract a really great eclectic group of people.

Cultivating a great community at our group workout studio is another reason we hold so many events at WTF Boxing Denver – it gives our members (and non-members, when we do community events) a chance to chill and get to know one another.

Come try our group workouts at WTF and let us show you how a community you feel connected to can help you on your fitness journey – get 7 days of group workout classes for $29 to check WTF Boxing out without commitment.

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3. Although Worth The Fight Boxing Denver offers group fitness classes, you still get individualized attention in our group workouts. Our coaches spend one-on-one time with each person during our group fitness classes!

Most fitness classes at downtown Denver group fitness studios have room for 30+ people. It’s very hard for a coach to spend one-on-one time with every person in a group fitness class if they have 30 or 40 people in their group workout class! That’s why we have no more than 21 people in our group workout classes at WTF Boxing Denver.

At WTF, we also train our instructors to give each person in our group workout classes individualized attention. Coaches will often don a pair of mitts and engage in some mitt work with each person in their group fitness classes. Side note: we have a new mitt work class at WTF Boxing each Thursday at 5:30pm. The mitt work class is lit. Mitt work is like sparring but without the downsides of actually sparring or fighting. Also, mitt work is a GREAT workout, both when you’re the one boxing and when you’re the one holding mitt. If you’d like to try a mitt work class, reach out to us at info@wtfboxing.com.

You can get the best of both worlds by coming to the group fitness classes at WTF Boxing Denver – you get the benefits of group fitness while also still getting some one-on-one attention from a fitness professional. This concept is woven into our group fitness philosophy at WTF.

Some Denver group fitness studios have their coaches on a platform or otherwise separated from the class, and the coach does not interact with the people in the group workout class. At WTF, we believe that group fitness class coaches should be in the midst of a group fitness class, circling through and assisting people and checking their technique. (Learn more about our approach to boxing technique in our post about why WTF Boxing is Denver’s best boxing fitness studio!)

It is hard for a coach to give personal attention if they are on a platform. We are passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals, and we care about the fitness journey of every person in our boxing studio. We will make sure you get personal attention in every group fitness class! Get group fitness classes with

Come see what we are all about at WTF Boxing Denver – we have a trial offer of 7 days of unlimited group fitness classes for $29! This trial requires no commitment – it does not roll over into a group fitness membership at WTF Boxing unless you choose. We don’t want anyone to become a group fitness membership unless they are fully satisfied!

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Try WTF Boxing without commitment! Get 7 days of group workout classes for $29!
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