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LGBTQ-Friendly Fitness Studio in Downtown Denver (2023)

Which downtown Denver gyms are most welcoming and accepting to gay and trans people?

Everyone deserves a place to exercise where they feel comfortable and accepted. As a gay woman, I’ve been in fitness studios and gyms that felt unwelcoming, whether because of cliques, too much bro energy or what have you. It’s not always a focus for fitness studios in Denver to create a non-judgmental accepting environment for all. Elitism has no place in fitness! You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable working out in your fitness studio!

This has even more meaning for me, as a gay Latinx woman who used to be obese. I finally decided to lose the weight through lifestyle modifications, but, even after I lost the weight and even as a super strong fit person, I was often intimidated going into new fitness studios or gyms. Thus, I deeply understand the drive to find a gym that is accepting, welcoming, and supportive. This is why when I founded my Denver fitness studio, Worth The Fight Boxing, it was mission critical that it be a space that was unintimidating and welcoming for all. (Read more: Gym Culture Matters – Choose This Accepting Welcoming Denver Fitness Studio)

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Worth The Fight Boxing is LGBTQ-owned!
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ABOUT US: We own downtown Denver’s premier boxing fitness studio, Worth The Fight Boxing & Fitness Studio. WTF Boxing is an LGBTQ-owned female-owned BIPOC-owned independent local Denver fitness studio. Creating an environment that is welcoming to all is mission critical for us! To try Worth The Fight Boxing without commitment, get 7 days of boxing, HIIT, and strength training for $29!


Are you wondering what Denver fitness studio is gay-friendly, trans-friendly, or queer-friendly, or what fitness studio is best for LGBTQ people in Denver in 2023? You’ve come to the right place.

Worth The Fight Boxing is a downtown Denver gym that is LGBTQ-friendly.

At Worth The Fight Boxing, we don’t believe that elitism and judgment has a place in fitness. Everyone should have a place to work out that is welcoming and accepting, including LGBTQIA++ people. We’ve all been to gyms that where it was uncomfortable to exercise. This is especially critical when you have fitness classes where your members all work out together because everyone will be in your fitness studio at the same time. Another thing that makes WTF a great place to work out as a gay or trans person is that we have multiple queer coaches – it helps people to feel more comfortable when they see themselves represented among your staff. We also train our coaches to be sensitive and welcoming to queer people. (Read more: Why this Denver fitness studio offers topnotch authentic boxing training)

Also, Worth The Fight Boxing Denver is one of the only queer-owned, female-owned, BIPOC-owned fitness studios in Denver. Ownership of a business matters. If the owners of a business are queer, they can empathize with the struggles of being queer, and that will shape how they approach their business. That is true for us. That is why we choose to have LGBTQ coaches and train all our coaches to be sensitive to issues that queer people might experience. That is also why we regularly post about and promote our LGBTQ coaches and members. We also have special events geared around pride month. We celebrate you!

If you’re queer and looking to join a fitness studio in Denver, reach out to us at WTF Boxing (303-720-6071 or We’re happy to tell you more about what we are all about and allay any concerns you may have. This month we have a promo of 7 days of unlimited boxing classes for $29!

We recommend people come to at least 3 classes during their 7-day trial, which equals less than $10 a class. This is so you can become familiar with the punches, defensive moves, etc. that make up the fundamentals of boxing. No experience is required – we start every boxing class with a demo of the punches, defensive moves, and/or kicks so everyone is comfortable and knows the terminology. 90% of our members are beginners to boxing, but we also have advanced boxers. Our boxing studio is technique-focused, so people at any level can benefit from our classes. (Read more: 3 Reasons to Try This Denver Boxing Gym)

This promo does not roll over into a membership unless you choose. We want all our customers to be satisfied before they join our fitness studio! Learn more about our downtown Denver fitness classes!

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Try WTF Boxing without commitment! Get a 7-day fitness trial of boxing classes in Denver for $29 at Denver’s top queer-friendly fitness studio!
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