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All About Worth The Fight Boxing: The Story of the Worth The Fight Juggernaut and the Women Behind It

All About Worth The Fight Boxing

The story of the WTF Boxing juggernaut and the wife and wife team behind it

Hello, we are Emily and Gladys, the owners of Worth The Fight Boxing! WTF offers boxing, strength training, and HIIT bootcamp classes in downtown Denver. We’re all about making fitness empowering and fun!

We were inspired to open Worth The Fight as a result of Gladys’ journey: she lost 120 pounds ten years ago through diet and exercise modifications and has kept it off. It was deeply transformational for her.  Gladys’ inspiring story is recounted in her interview in Arianna Huffington’s magazine, Thrive Global!

We love helping people achieve their fitness goals! That’s why we are personally in our downtown Denver boxing studio every day.

At WTF, you’ll get an experience like a big franchise or chain but from a small family-owned independent fitness studio. The best of both worlds!

WTF Boxing is also a female-owned, BIPOC-owned, gay-owned small business, which is very unusual. It is mission-critical to us to create an accepting, non-judgmental environment for all.

Until we open in a few weeks, we are selling founding memberships which come with a lifetime discount, free boxing gloves, and a free trial week. Sign up for a founding membership!


Stay active, become empowered & connect with a community.

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