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Our 50 minute class begins with a dynamic warm-up followed by 6 rounds of boxing. After a short rest, the gloves come off for strength, HIIT and core work. This class offers the perfect blend of calorie-torching cardio and muscle-toning lifting.
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Our outdoor Denver fitness class fuses boxing training with field-day and recess-inspired games. Improve your speed, agility and strength with a fun downtown Denver workout that feels like a game. The first rule of Field Day Fight Club is you tell your friends about Field Day Fight Club.


Renew your mind and find your flow/zen. But first pound the s#!t out of some heavy punching bags. Warm up your body with 6 rounds of boxing followed by restorative Pilates-inspired yoga.


An abbreviated version of our signature boxing fitness class. We pack a lot of action into our 35-minute bootcamp class so you can get your sweat in and get back to work before your boss even notices you’re gone.
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