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3 Reasons to Try This Top Denver Boxing Studio (2022)

Boxing fitness is exploding in popularity in downtown Denver. A new boxing fitness studio is popping up in every downtown Denver neighborhood. Denverites are coming to the realization that boxing is an awesome full-body cardio workout, and they are coming out in droves to see for themselves. But this presents a dilemma: what is the best downtown Denver boxing studio? In this post, we will tell you why WTF Boxing is Denver’s premier boxing fitness studio. Come on – let’s dive in!

ABOUT US: We own downtown Denver’s premier boxing fitness studio, Worth The Fight Boxing & Fitness Studio. We are an independent local downtown Denver fitness studio, not a franchise or chain. We’re unique and original, like you, and we’re passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals! Get 7 days of boxing, HIIT, strength training, and yoga for $29 to try us without commitment!

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Are you wondering what is the best downtown Denver boxing studio? You’ve come to the right place. Here are the three reasons Worth The Fight is the top boxing fitness studio in Denver:

1. Worth The Fight Boxing is designed to make sure you get the best boxing workout!

Any boxing fitness studio has to contend with the question of how much to focus on fitness and how much to focus on technique. The rub is that, to get the best boxing workout, you need to have good technique. But if you focus too much on technique (e.g., stopping someone repeatedly during their fitness class to correct their form), it can interfere with their workout. Some boxing gyms are instructional gyms where technique is paramount. But most people are not trying to prepare for a boxing match – they just want to get in a good sweat.

On the flipside, some boxing studios focus purely on fitness and don’t focus on technique at all. The problem with this is that you can’t get as good of a workout if you don’t use the proper technique. In particular, boxing is a full-body cardio workout. Many people incorrectly believe that boxing mostly works out the arms, but it’s actually the legs and core that do most of the work! You can’t generate powerful punches only with your arms. If you’re just standing there swinging your arms, you miss out on the best benefits that boxing can bring!

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WTF Boxing is in between these two extremes. We are a boxing fitness studio, not an instructional boxing gym. But we still focus on technique. You can learn to box properly at WTF! We train our coaches to instruct our members to use proper technique. WTF is the best of both worlds so far as boxing fitness in Denver goes. AT WTF Boxing, you will learn how to box but you will also get a great workout! We’d love to share our studio with you – get a 7-day trial of unlimited boxing fitness classes in Denver for $29 to try us without commitment!

2. At Worth The Fight Boxing, you get individualized attention in our boxing fitness classes. Our coaches spend one-on-one time with every person during our fitness classes!

The typical downtown Denver fitness studio has room for 30+ people in their fitness classes. It’s very hard for a coach to spend one-on-one time with every person in a group fitness class if they have 30 or even 40 people in their class! That’s why boxing classes at WTF are limited to 21 people.

We train our coaches to give individualized attention to every person in their classes. Many of our coaches will grab a pair of mitts and go around and do some mitt work with everyone. By the way, we just added a mitt work class Thursdays at 5:30pm, and it is dynamite! Mitt work emulates a fight but without the downsides of actually being in a boxing match. If you’d like to try a mitt work class, reach out to us at info@wtfboxing.com.

At some Denver fitness studios, the coach is on a platform and does not interact with the people in the class. We believe that group fitness class coaches should be in the midst of the class, circling through and helping people and correcting form. It is hard for a coach to give personal attention if they are on a platform. We are passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals, and we care about the fitness journey of every person in our boxing studio. We will make sure you get personal attention in every group fitness class! Come try a boxing class at WTF Boxing and see what we’re all about!

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3. At Worth The Fight Boxing’s boxing classes are geared around the ideal boxing and strength training equipment to get you a great boxing workout!

At Worth The Fight Boxing, we have great boxing fitness and strength training equipment. Every person is on their own full length punching bag with at least six feet between them and the people around them. In our opinion, full-length heavy bags are the best type of boxing bag for boxing fitness classes.

Full-length boxing bags facilitate the best boxing fitness workout. You can perform body shots on full-length bags (unlike, e.g., aqua bags, which are too short for body shots). Body shots end many fights, and, most importantly in a boxing fitness studio, you get a way better workout when you include body shots because you bend your legs more. (The proper way to perform a body shot is not to just point your arm down but instead to squat and then punch at the same angle you would with a regular punch!)

Also, full-length punching bags allow you to freely circle the bag – you can move more. This means you are burning more calories and you are more closely emulating real boxing. You can circle aqua bags, but typically they are hung too closely to allow you to circle them, so you usually end up mostly standing in one spot. You don’t use your legs nearly as much as you do with a full-length bag.

The other type of boxing bag you sometimes see in boxing studios is a floor bag (the kind many people have at home that sits on the floor that you weight down with water or sand). The problem with floor bags is that they tend to tip and they don’t give as much resistance as hanging full-length bags. Less resistance means less of a workout.

No one shares a boxing bag at WTF Boxing. We believe that everyone should be on their bag so that they can circle the bag and really get the most out of their workout. Come see for yourself – we have an offer of 7 days of boxing for $29!

We recommend taking at least 3 boxing fitness classes during your trial, which comes out to less than $10 a class! Some people come every day or more than once a day.

Try WTF without commitment – our trial offers do not roll over into memberships unless you choose. We don’t want anyone to join as a member until they are satisfied!

Safety is also a priority at WTF. That is why we have six feet in between bags – no one should be shoved into their boxing gym like a sardine! We also train our coaches how to properly perform every movement so that they can prevent injuries from bad technique (another reason we like to have coaches in the midst of class rather than on a platform!) We also train them to offer modifications of movements for people who may have injuries.

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