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Which Fitness Studio in Denver Has Top Kickboxing Classes?

Kickboxing fitness is having a renaissance – more and more people in Denver want to participate in kickboxing, whether to get fit or to learn proper kickboxing technique. Maybe that includes you. But there are so many kickboxing studios in Denver, and you’re not sure where to start. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will discuss kickboxing in Denver and where you can go to get awesome kickboxing classes – let’s dive in!

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WTF Boxing is a fitness studio in Denver with top kickboxing classes – get 7 days at WTF Boxing Denver for $29!
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ABOUT US: We own downtown Denver’s premier boxing fitness studio, Worth The Fight Boxing & Fitness Studio. We are an independent local downtown Denver fitness studio, not a franchise or chain. We’re passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals! Try us without commitment – get 7 days at Worth The Fight for $29!


Which Denver fitness studio has the best kickboxing classes? Where are top kickboxing classes near me

Here are three reasons the kickboxing classes at WTF Boxing Denver are awesome:

1. Worth The Fight Boxing Denver’s kickboxing classes are small and are taught by kickboxing coaches with extensive kickboxing experience. We even have a professional MMA fighter on staff! You will improve faster and you will be taught proper kickboxing technique because you’ll get more one-on-one attention from excellent kickboxing coaches.

At WTF Boxing, classes are limited to 20 people at most, and most kickboxing classes have around 10 people. You won’t get lost in a sea of people. Our small class size means you will get more attention from our kickboxing coaches. One thing that is really important to us at WTF Boxing Denver is technique. At some kickboxing gyms, they don’t really teach technique – you come in and you punch and kick but you don’t necessarily know if you’re doing everything properly. Kickboxing is highly technical, even if you’re just doing it as exercise.

The reason we care so much about technique at Worth The Fight is two fold. First, you get a much better workout in your kickboxing class if you’re using good technique. Kickboxing is an awesome full-body workout that actually uses your arms, legs, and core for every movement (even if you’re punching, your legs and core generate most of the power, if you’re doing it properly). We want to offer people as challenging of a kickboxing workout as they can handle, and that requires good technique. The second reason is that, if you’re not using good technique, you’re at risk of injury. We don’t want anyone to get injured at WTF. Plus, trying to improve your kickboxing technique gives our members a way to continually progress and grow, even if they are already experienced at kickboxing. come try our kickboxing classes and let us show you – get 7 days of classes at WTF Boxing for $29!

WTF Boxing Denver takes coaching very seriously. We hire excellent coaches, and we train our kickboxing coaches to ensure that they deliver a great kickboxing workout every time. Our coaches go the extra mile to make sure each and every participant in our kickboxing classes has a great experience. This is really important to us. This is one of the reasons we limited our fitness classes to no more than 20 people. A lot of fitness studios have as many as 50 spots in a class, and we don’t think it is possible for one or even two coaches to give a high quality experience to such a large class. You can still get a workout in a big class, but you won’t progress as quickly with less individual attention.

You will get one-on-one coaching in every kickboxing class at Worth The Fight Denver – our kickboxing coaches will stop by each person’s bag at least once during our kickboxing classes to help with technique and/or to do kickboxing mitt work. We also train our kickboxing coaches to be in the midst of our kickboxing classes, rather than isolating themselves on one punching bag or putting them on a platform away from our customers. This encourages them to give our customers a lot of individual coaching on their kickboxing.

At some kickboxing studios, instructors are on a platform or isolated from the people in the kickboxing class, and the coach does not interact with the students, decreasing the quality of kickboxing instruction. We believe coaches should be in the midst of the kickboxing class, assisting people with their kickboxing training and checking their kickboxing technique. Read about our approach to kickboxing technique in the article on why WTF Boxing is Denver’s best boxing fitness studio!)

It is hard for a kickboxing coach to give individualized attention if they are isolated from their students. We opened WTF Boxing Denver because we love assisting people with their fitness journey, and we care about every member at our kickboxing studio. We guarantee you will get one-on-one help from our top notch kickboxing coaches in every kickboxing workout class!

So our secret sauce to great kickboxing classes at WTF Boxing Denver is hiring experienced kickboxing coaches and having small kickboxing classes so that our awesome coaches have a chance to help everyone in our kickboxing classes individually. In our experience, this is pretty rare as far as kickboxing in Denver goes. Come try a kickboxing class at WTF Boxing Denver and see what you think.

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Try WTF Boxing Denver – get 7 days of fitness classes for $29!
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2. In the kickboxing classes at WTF Boxing Denver, we use premium kickboxing equipment so that you get the best workout, and progress the most, while you kickbox.

At Worth The Fight, we have awesome kickboxing equipment for use in our kickboxing classes. We have full-length punching bags that are hung from our boxing rig (and said boxing rig also has cool lights that change colors and make the kickboxing class more fun). Suspended full-length heavy bags are, overall, the best type of boxing bags to kickbox on – better than floors bags and definitely better than aqua bags. You can do any type of kickboxing or muay thai maneuver on a full-length punching bag. They offer better resistance than the floors bags that most kickboxing gyms have. This gives you a better workout in your kickboxing class compared to floor bags.

Floor bags have the tendency to tip over easily during kickboxing classes, especially as you get better and start kicking harder. It is frustrating to be in your groove in a kickboxing class and having your bag constantly tipping over – it interferes with the rhythm of your workout. With the full-length heavy bags we use at WTF Boxing, you don’t have this issue. You can go at whatever rhythm you wish during your kickboxing workout and the bag will always be there for your next kick, punch, or elbow. And aqua bags are really not designed for kickboxing. Aqua bags are way too short to kickbox on, and it hurts some people’s legs and feet to do cardio kickboxing on the heavy tough rubber surface of an aqua bag.

Safety is also a big priority at WTF Boxing. That’s why every customer at WTF gets their own full-length punching bag with plenty of space to rotate fully around the bag without running into other people. This gives the most realistic simulation of actually fighting. Also, having sufficient space between bags means less sickness spreads. Everyone at WTF Boxing Denver kickboxing workouts has their own equipment – no sharing.

Aside from rounds of kickboxing training at our downtown Denver kickboxing studio, we also have strength training in every cardio kickboxing class. We have a great range and variety of strength training equipment. This enables us to offer dynamic varied strength training regimens. As with the punching bags, you will have your own equipment. We also weave high intensity interval training, boxing fitness, and yoga into our fitness classes, with a focus on fun, empowerment, and community.

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3. Worth The Fight Boxing Denver’s kickboxing studio has an awesome community, which is motivating and inspiring. Our great community will help you improve your kickboxing skills more quickly, and it makes our kickboxing classes simply more fun!

One reason many people prefer fitness classes in downtown Denver over other forms of working out is that exercising in a group is more fun and motivating. We’ve all had that experience of being bored in a workout and wishing it was over, usually while doing something like running on a treadmill by yourself. In contrast, doing kickboxing workouts in a group passes the time more easily and give you a community to look forward to seeing, which keeps you you motivated in moments you are feeling unmotivated. When you feel like you couldn’t possibly keep going during a kickboxing class, having your friends around you inspires you to keep going. People tend to push themselves a little harder when working out in a group. This is how group kickboxing classes can actually help you progress in your kickboxing training more quickly.

Of course, an important piece of the above is that the kickboxing studio has to have an awesome community, and the kickboxing studio has to encourage people in the community to connect. This is not something that necessarily happens if the kickboxing club is not actively trying to cultivate a community and facilitating people forming connections in their kickboxing classes.

Hence, at WTF Boxing Denver, we strive to create an awesome community. You don’t have complete control over your community as owner of a kickboxing studio, but there is no question you have some control over it. You control the culture of your studio, and the culture lays the groundwork for the community. Also, WTF Boxing Denver is small and independent as well asfemale-owned LGBTQ-owned, BIPOC-owned fitness studio, and we attract an interesting diverse group of people.

To encourage everyone to get to know each other, we hold lots of events at WTF. This gives everyone in our kickboxing classes a chance to chill and hang. These events are varied and creative, so you’ll also have a chance to do cool stuff with us. For example, we’ve had several rooftop boxing classes at Athleta, and we’ve also held fitness class at small local wineries/breweries/distilleries followed by a free drink for everyone. We’re thinking of adding a fight night where members can volunteer for a friendly match with one another, and the other members can come and watch and bet on who will win, while enjoying a drink.

Let us demonstrate to you how a connected community can facilitate your progress down your fitness journey – come try our kickboxing classes at WTF! Get 7 days of workout classes for $29 to try WTF without commitment.

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Come see what we’re about at Worth The Fight! Get 7 days of unlimited fitness classes for $29! This trial requires no commitment – it does not roll over into a group fitness membership unless you choose. We don’t want anyone to join unless they are fully satisfied!