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Which Denver Fitness Studio Has Great Music? (2022)

If you’re a person in Denver looking for a fitness studio, you have a staggering number of options. How do you distinguish between so many great downtown Denver gyms? One underappreciated factor in getting a great workout is the playlist. A great playlist can inspire and push you and keep you engaged when things get tough during your fitness class. With that in mind, let’s consider the question of what Denver fitness studio has great music. Follow me!

Latinx-owned Denver boxing studio, Worth The Fight, has awesome playlists with lots of Reggaetón music!

Latinx woman, Gladys Santiago, is cofounder of small independent downtown Denver boxing fitness studio, Worth The Fight Boxing & Fitness. Gladys is Puerto Rican and grew up in a very diverse neighborhood in New York City, where she was introduced to a music genre called reggaetón. Reggaetón combines reggae with hip-hop and Latin dance hall music. It is a staple of music in Puerto Rico. When Santiago moved to Denver, she didn’t hear as much reggaetón in the fitness classes she attended.

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Latinx woman Gladys Santiago owns WTF Boxing Denver, where she uses playlists incorporating Reggaetón music.
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So, while Santiago loved the music she heard in other Denver fitness studios, she saw a golden opportunity to introduce people in her fitness studio to one of her favorite types of music when she decided to open a fitness studio in Denver. Many of the playlists in Santiago’s downtown Denver boxing gym incorporate reggaeton, particularly this month since it is Latinx Heritage Month.

“Reggaetón makes great music for workouts,” Santiago explains. “It is peppy and catchy and motivating. That emotion that reggaetón can inspire can give you that extra bit of energy to push yourself to the next level.”

Before she owned a Denver fitness studio, Santiago, who loves fitness, used to add lots of reggaetón music to her workout playlists. She loved hitting the gym while bopping to reggaetón’s catchy, hard-hitting tunes. Reggaetón helped her to keep pushing her fitness to the next level.

“Listening to reggaetón makes me happy and keeps me going during workouts when the going get tough!”


WTF Boxing is an independent fitness studio, not a franchise or a chain. Every aspect of the boxing studio, from the brand to the workouts to the décor to the playlists, is the brainchild of Santiago, with the help of her wife, Emily Stork. “Because Worth The Fight is an independent business, it really embodies me, as an owner, and it’s totally unique,” Santiago says. “The owner of an independent business can really place their stamp on the business.”

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Businesses contribute to the culture of their local community in myriad ways. This is one reason it is so important to have small independent local Denver businesses with diverse owners and to support small local businesses with diverse owners.

So if you’re looking for a downtown Denver fitness studio with a unique sound to push your fitness to the next level (or just to work out to great music), come check out Worth The Fight Boxing in the CapHill neighborhood. You can try WTF Boxing (and its awesome reggaetón music) without commitment with 7 days of boxing fitness, strength training, and HIIT for $29!