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What is the Best Downtown Denver Fitness Studio (2022)?

Downtown Denver is a fitness mecca. Right near you in any downtown Denver neighborhood, there is a plethora of fitness studios and gyms of every variety – HIIT studios, CrossFit studios, spin studios, yoga studios, etc. – you name it, we got it. We are lucky to be able to sample all these styles of fitness. But we’re here today to introduce you to a particular CapHill fitness studio, one with a style of workout that you may not have tried yet in Denver: boxing fitness. Boxing fitness is one of the fastest growing forms of fitness in the United States, but it is just now coming to downtown Denver, and Worth The Fight Fitness is the best downtown Denver boxing fitness studio bar none. Okay, I’ll admit it, it is my fitness studio, so I can’t say I’m 100% unbiased, but I truly believe we are the top Denver boxing club and one of the best fitness studios in downtown Denver, and I’m here to tell you why.

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WTF Boxing is a killer North Capitol Hill fitness studio. Try us without commitment with 7 days of fitness classes at WTF Boxing for $29!

About Us: WTF Boxing Denver is an independent fitness studio in Uptown Denver offering boxing fitness, strength training, and HIIT bootcamp classes with a focus on empowerment and fun. We are passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals. WTF Boxing is offering a an awesome lifetime discount on our founding memberships to reward our earliest backers. Lock in our best price on a fitness membership from WTF Boxing.

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The Low Down the Best Fitness Studio in Uptown Denver

Here is a quick summary of why WTF Boxing is the top Denver boxing fitness studio:
🔸Leave Every Class Ready to Kick Butt. Our dynamic innovative boxing fitness, strength training, and HIIT workout classes will get you moving and leave you smiling. More importantly, our nearby fitness classes are empowering, so that you can thrive in the main event: life! Give us an hour a day and you’ll kick butt in the other 23.
🔸You Are Not a Number. We Care. We are passionate about helping every member achieve their fitness goals and experience a transformation driven by our downtown Denver boxing fitness workouts. That’s what we love to do, and we are in our LoHi fitness studio every day, doing just that. Many owners of fitness studios in RiNo, fitness studios in Sloan’s Lake, fitness studios in CapHill, fitness studios in Uptown Denver, fitness studios in LoDo, etc. never come into their downtown Denver fitness studio. We come in because we care about every member. Our members are not numbers. It may sound cheesy, but it is true. Every new member we get to our fitness studio in CapHill is so exciting to us. If you join our boxing fitness studio in Uptown Denver as a member, you will get the white glove treatment and get to join special members-only events.
🔸No Risk. No Contract. WTF Boxing does not believe in underhanded tactics like initiation fees or contracts. All our CapHill fitness studio memberships are monthly. There are no longterm contracts that lock you in, and there are no hidden fees or questionable business practices.
🔸Never Be Bored – Look Forward to Coming to Our Denver Boxing Classes. Boxing fitness (where everyone hits their own heavy bag – no sparring!) is an inherently fun workout. It is more fun than similar cardio workouts offered by nearby fitness studios like running or spin. WTF Boxing works hard to ensure that our Denver boxing workouts are varied and fun. Fun is important – fun keeps you coming back to our LoDo fitness studio, enabling you to reach your fitness goals.
🔸Save $100+ a year. Comparable fitness studios near downtown Denver (we’ve checked Capitol Hill fitness studios, RiNo fitness studios, LoDo fitness studios, LoHi fitness studios, City Park fitness studios, Uptown Denver fitness studios, Park Hill fitness studios, Wash Park fitness studios, Cherry Creek fitness studios, and more!) charge in the range of $179 to $260 a month for their unlimited monthly fitness memberships. The WTF Boxing unlimited founding membership is $100+ a year less. Lock in WTF Boxing’s best rate on a boxing fitness membership for life.
🔸WTF Boxing is an independent local Denver fitness studio. We are not a franchise. We are not a chain. WTF Boxing is unique, like you. Supporting us is supporting a woman-owned BIPOC-owned lesbian-owned Uptown Denver fitness studio.

Okay let’s dig deeper into why Worth The Fight Fitness is a top fitness studio near Lodo Denver.

Why WTF Boxing is the Best Fitness Studio in Capitol Hill Denver

➡️WTF Boxing provides a dynamic fun empowering boxing fitness and HIIT bootcamp workout.

WTF Boxing is a boxing fitness, strength, HIIT, and bootcamp fitness studio in CapHill Denver that focuses on fun and empowerment. (Boxing fitness is hitting your own heavy punching bag for the purpose of working out. Learn more about boxing fitness at our boxing fitness FAQs page.) A fun boxing workout is easier to stick with (it is easy to consistently do something fun, right?) until you form a habit. It may sound obvious, but fitness studios in downtown Denver often do not program with fun in mind. We believe a fun workout is the key to success, so we dreamed up an enjoyable but challenging boxing fitness and strength training workout at our LoHi fitness studio.

We chose boxing fitness because it is a cardio workout that is much more enjoyable than more common cardio workouts offered by other fitness studios in LoDo. Would you rather hit your own punching bag or run? No fair saying running if you have never even tried boxing fitness! At least get our fitness trial of 7 days of unlimited workouts at WTF Boxing Denver for $29 before deciding that boxing fitness is not for you!

Come to 3 workout classes during your 7-day trial, and the workouts will be less than $10 each, a great value in downtown Denver!

Seriously, though, being as objective as I can be, boxing fitness is the most fun cardio workout at any downtown Denver fitness studio. You gotta come check it out! You won’t be bored with our varied, innovative bootcamp workouts at our fitness studio in Uptown Denver. You may be thinking what’s all this about the most fun workout – I care about the best workout. Then check out our post on what is the best workout in Denver.

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WTF Boxing is one of downtown Denver’s top fitness studios. Get 7 days at WTF Boxing Denver for $29!
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Half of our Denver fitness class is hitting your heavy bag and the other half is strength training and HIIT bootcamp workout. (Check out our article on five reasons boxing is a great workout for more info about why boxing fitness is a great workout!) Boxing is a full body cardio workout that burns lots of calories. Boxing with good technique is really hard! Every person in our CapHill boxing class is in their own 6×6 ft area with their own punching bag, high intensity interval training equipment, and strength training equipment. We also facilitate air flow through our fitness studio in LoHi. You can feel confident if you join our RiNo fitness studio that safety is of utmost importance.

Our downtown Denver boxing fitness classes can be done by anyone no matter their current fitness level. (In fact, we specifically love to get people who are at the very beginning of getting back in shape – we have a specialty in helping people to lose significant weight.) You can calibrate the difficulty since you have your own boxing bag. Beginning boxers can ease into it. WTF Boxing is great at helping new people to our City Park fitness studio to learn boxing – the majority of people who join our boxing fitness studio in Park Hill have not boxed before.

➡️WTF Boxing’s Capitol Hill fitness studio is more than just a place to work out. You’ll get fit, have fun, and make friends. You’ll be empowered.

A fitness studio in CapHill is more than just a place to exercise. You should look forward to going to your fitness studio in RiNo and feel awesome when you leave, feel ready to kick ass, pardon my French. That’s our goal. To make you feel ready to ask that girl from Tinder on an in person date, rather than just messaging back and forth on Tinder. Ready to ask for a promotion and a raise rather than just waiting to see if one is bestowed on you. Ready to leave your career and start your own business that you’ve been wanting to do forever. The impact of your LoHi fitness studio should be more than just getting in shape. Our ultimate goal is to help you thrive in the main event: life (it was my wife that came up with that one! But again it really encompasses what we’re trying to do here.)

We want to touch your life beyond just your fitness goals. We know it is possible because my wife and co-founder experienced a dramatic transformation in her life from starting boxing. The transformation she experienced was our inspiration to open our boxing fitness studio in LoDo – we want to bring that same experience to others.

You go to a fitness studio in City Park to exercise instead of doing it alone because of that heightened energy from group fitness (yo let me tell that that feeling is even stronger while doing boxing – boxing fitness is the ideal way to get the most mileage out of joining a group fitness studio in downtown Denver, like ours).

So many people are moving to downtown Denver. So many of our members are new to downtown Denver. Often they have only been here for a week or so before they join our Cherry Creek fitness studio. Our fitness classes are perfect for making friends.

If you’re new to Denver or just looking for a new fitness routine, come try WTF Boxing with a 7-day trial of unlimited fitness classes for only $29!

It’s mission critical at our downtown Denver boxing studio to foster connections between members. It’s the culture we create in our Denver boxing club but it’s also the events we put together so that members can socialize. We are not a faceless corporate chain or franchise. Join the fight by claiming a great value on our fitness studio membership!

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Give boxing fitness a try at our CapHill boxing studio.

➡️We at WTF Boxing love assisting residents of downtown Denver to achieve their fitness goals.

My wife and I opened this CapHill boxing club because we have a passion for helping Denverites achieve life-changing transformations. We’ve faced many challenges but our love drove us to persevere through. We won’t be leaving our Capitol Hill boxing fitness studio to be run by a manager. It will be us there, and we care about each customer. That’s the distinction between WTF Boxing and other fitness studios in Uptown Denver. We appreciate our members so much.

My co-founder and wife lost 120 pounds ten years ago, and maintained her weight loss, through diet and exercise modifications alone as described in our blog post about sustainable weight loss. Gladys is an anomaly – the vast majority of people gain their weight loss back. We realized we could use her experience to help others who want to lose weight and keep it off. We opened Capitol Hill boxing studio, WTF Fitness, to help others achieve the transformation Gladys achieved.

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Just do it – take a small step toward your fitness goals! Try WTF Boxing Denver without commitment with 7 days of workout classes for $29!

Get the best prices on memberships from WTF Boxing to learn the steps to long-term weight loss in Denver from Gladys who intimately knows what it’s like to struggle with your weight!

➡️Capitol Hill boxing fitness studio, Worth The Fight Fitness, provides an unintimidating non-judgmental environment that is unique among downtown Denver fitness studios. You shouldn’t feel like you have to be in shape just to go to your Uptown Denver fitness studio.

Not having a judgmental elitist unaccepting environment at WTF Boxing is mission-critical. This derives from my wife’s experience going to fitness studios and gyms when she was losing weight. Not all downtown Denver fitness studios were nice even though she was in the process of accomplishing something that was extremely hard sustainbly losing 120 pounds.

The fitness industry is dominated by young fit people with great genetics. We don’t hear enough in downtown Denver fitness from people struggling with their weight and with getting in shape – their voices are underrepresented even though they are the target customers! Young fit people who don’t struggle with staying in shape are trying to help people who do struggle with their weight, but they can’t empathize. WTF Boxing thinks we should hear more from people who aren’t the typical fitness professional. This also inspired us to launch WTF Boxing – we want to provide that missing voice.

Learn more about why WTF Boxing is an LGBTQ-friendly fitness studio in Denver or why WTF Boxing is a top Denver fitness studio great for people who identify as BIPOC.

We also want to be a fitness studio in Cherry Creek where people who feel uncomfortable at other fitness studios in LoDo can come and feel accepted and supported. Join our fitness studio in City Park if you want to join a LoHi fitness studio that makes a priority out of acceptance and tolerance.


Those are just a few reasons to join the WTF movement! You’ll support a non-chain non-franchise BIPOC-owned women-owned gay-owned downtown Denver boxing fitness studio (yes, somehow we do check all those boxes!). Your support means more to us than I can express – it may sound cheesy, but I am totally serious.

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