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One of the Best Deals on Fitness Memberships in Denver (Save $100+/Year for Life)

Claim a Discounted Fitness Membership to a Top Downtown Denver Gym (it’s the best rate on our fitness studio membership that we’ll EVER offer!)

My wife and I are the owners of Worth The Fight Boxing & Fitness Studio in downtown Denver. After years of hard work and delays as a result of the virus that shall not be named, we are finally launching our boxing fitness studio into the world. It’s exciting but also nerve-wracking. We are an independent local Denver gym. We’re not a franchise. We’re not a chain. Everything is done by my wife and me. Because of this, we are offering a significantly discounted fitness memberships for life to our initial members. We want to reward those people who took a chance on us when we were a small unknown quantity. That’s why we are offering a great fitness studio membership promotion to people in Denver – ~$40/month off for life.

WTF Boxing is offering a killer gym membership discount for life. Lock in the lowest rate on a fitness membership from WTF Boxing.

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Join the fight – become a founding member!
Sign up to receive the best price ever on a founding membership from Denver’s premier boxing fitness studio!
A few important things to know about this Denver fitness studio membership promotion:
🔸 No Risk. No Commitment. No Contract. You won’t be charged until we open and you get a free trial week at our brand spanking new Denver boxing fitness studio after we open and, if it’s not for you, you can cancel without charge. WTF Boxing does not believe in underhanded tactics like initiation fees or contracts. All memberships to our Denver boxing studio are month-to-month.
🔸 Rates Increase Permanently Each Month. It pays to lock in your rate early because rates increase on the last day of each month. Also, locking in our best price on gym memberships is riskless since you can cancel at any time before one week after we open. Take advantage of our fitness membership promotion to lock in this great rate!
🔸 Get Special Events and Goodies. You’ll get special treats by virtue of being one of our earliest backers. Every time someone signs up we are so thrilled! It means so much to us to get your support, especially as a female-owned BIPOC-owned gay-owned boxing studio.
🔸 Save Around $50/month. Comparable fitness studios in the downtown Denver area charge anywhere from $179 to $220 a month for their unlimited fitness memberships. The WTF Boxing unlimited founding membership is currently $134/month. Those savings pile up FAST on a monthly membership. Save $40/month by locking in WTF Boxing’s best rate for life.

But it’s not just about the gym membership promotion WTF Boxing is offering. Let me tell you why WTF Boxing is one of the top fitness studios in Denver….

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Why You Should Sign Up for WTF Boxing’s Fitness Studio Membership Over Other Denver Fitness Memberships

➡️WTF Boxing provides a dynamic innovative workout with a focus on empowerment and fun. Boxing fitness is way more fun than other cardio workouts, and boxing helps reduce stress. (PS: claim our fitness membership promo pronto to see for yourself!)

We are a boxing fitness, HIIT, strength training, and bootcamp fitness studio in downtown Denver that focuses on fun as the path to fitness. If working out is fun, you’ll do it more consistently, and you’ll form a habit. It sounds simple, but fitness programming often does not take fun into account very much. We created a super fun workout that is still challenging. WTF picked boxing fitness because it is a cardio workout that is much more enjoyable than, say, running. Would you rather hit your own heavy bag or run on a treadmill? Our programming is dynamic, varied, and fun. You won’t be bored! Sign up for our dynamite Denver fitness membership promotion risk-free and see for yourself!

The first half of our workout is hitting your punching bag and the other half is high intensity interval training and strength training. If you’re not familiar with boxing as a workout, check out our article on five reasons boxing is a great workout. Boxing is a full body cardio workout that burns lots of calories. Boxing with good technique, using your core and your legs, is challenging. There’s a reason rounds are only 3 minutes! Every member is in their own 6 ft x 6 ft area and has their own heavy bag and HIIT equipment. You can feel confident if you get our discounted gym membership that safety is of utmost importance to WTF Boxing.

Our fitness classes in Denver can be done by someone at any level of fitness. You can ramp up or down the difficulty as needed since you have your own equipment. We provide modifications for any exercises that someone may not be able to do. People who are newer to boxing can ease into it as they learn the technique. We are great at helping beginner learn to box – the majority of people who sign up for our great fitness membership promotion have not boxed before.

➡️WTF Boxing is a great place to meet people. Get a great value on a fitness studio membership and get fit, have fun, meet people.

A fitness studio is more than just a place to work out. It should be a place that you look forward to attending and feel great when leaving. You go there to workout instead of working out alone or at home because of that heightened energized feeling you get from all working out together (by the way that feeling is even more heightened while boxing – boxing fitness is such an amazing work out to do at a group fitness studio in Denver, like ours). You care about the other members and are proud of them when they reach their goals. The members are a community.

So many people are moving to Denver – it is out of control. But, hey, we are transplants too so no hate! The great thing is that many of our members are new to Denver. Often they have only been here for a week or so before they claim our discounted fitness membership. This means our workout classes are an excellent place to meet new people.

We make it a priority at our boxing studio to foster connections between members. It’s the culture we create in our boxing club (more on that below) but it’s also the events we host so that people can socialize with us and one another. We are not some faceless corporate chain or franchise. We are a real community. Join the fight by claiming a great value on our fitness studio membership!

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➡️The owners of WTF Boxing are passionate about helping people in Denver achieve their fitness goals. They care about every member. You are not a number.

My wife and I opened this Denver boxing club because we love to help people achieve life-changing fitness transformations. That love has driven us through so many obstacles. We’ll be there day in and day out helping our members reach our fitness goals. We won’t be leaving our boxing studio to be run by a manager. It will be us there, and we care deeply about each member. That’s the difference between us and Orangetheory or F45 Denver. We do random acts of kindness for our members, like when someone passes the bar. We want them to know how much we appreciate each and every person. We also have regular events for our members to get to know them better. Claim the promotion on our gym membership to see what we’re all about and to support a local independent Denver boxing studio.

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Do it – don’t quit! Start your weight loss journey today!

My wife also lost a significant amount of weight ten years ago, and kept it off, through a diet and exercise regimen laid out in this post about sustainable weight loss. She is an anomaly – the vast majority of people who lose weight gain it back. We realized we could help tens of thousands of people who are struggling with their weight which is what inspired the opening of WTF Boxing & Fitness Studio. We want to bring this transformation to others. This is an additional reason that we are passionate about helping people with their fitness goals: we know how losing that weight changed my wife’s life.

Sign up here to receive the best promotions on founding memberships from WTF Boxing so you can learn the steps to long-term weight loss in Denver directly from my wife who knows what it’s like to struggle with your weight and how to sustainably lose weight!

➡️WTF Boxing provides an accepting non-judgmental environment that is unique among downtown Denver workout studios.

You shouldn’t feel like you have to work out before you can even go to the gym. The elitism in fitness is not a problem to many fitness studios in downtown Denver, but not having that judgmental elitist unaccepting environment at WTF Boxing is mission-critical. This derives from my wife’s experience going to fitness studios and gyms when she was losing weight. Not all of them were nice to her even though she was in the process of accomplishing something that was extremely hard by losing 120 pounds and keeping it off.

Fitness is dominated by young fit people with great genetics who have never struggled with their weight. They are trying to help people who do struggle with their weight, but they don’t really understand. We at WTF Boxing deeply believe that in the fitness space we should hear from more people who aren’t the prototypical fitness professional, people to whom fitness doesn’t come easily. This was another reason we wanted to open WTF Boxing – to be that missing voice. And to be a place where people who feel uncomfortable at other fitness studios can come and feel accepted and supported. We have your back! Claim the gym membership discount we’re offering if you want to join a fitness studio that prioritizes acceptance and tolerance.


Those are just a few of the reasons you should sign up for the great value in our fitness membership promotion and join the WTF movement! We are an independent non-chain non-franchise women-owned BIPOC-owned lesbian-owned downtown Denver boxing fitness studio (yes, somehow we check all those boxes!). Your support means the world to us, truly. #youareworththefight

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