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The Lowdown on Boxing Fitness & Our Signature Boxing Class in Denver

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ABOUT US: WTF Boxing is a small independent boxing fitness studio offering killer boxing and strength training bootcamp classes in Uptown Denver. We are passionate about helping Denverites reach their fitness goals! If you wanna try WTF Boxing without commitment, get 7 days of workout classes at WTF Boxing Denver for $29!

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The One-of-a-Kind Boxing Class at Our Top Denver Boxing Fitness Studio

Boxing is experiencing a renaissance. Boxing studios are popping up right and left; boxing fitness is becoming an extremely popular form of cardio fitness (including in Denver!); and even celebrities and influencers like Jason Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Logan Paul are getting in on the boxing trend (for better or worse…). We expect to continue to see boxing rise in prominence going into the future. Get on the boxing train!

We formed WTF Boxing to get in on this growing phenomenon and so we could offer great boxing classes and strength training classes in Denver. We think boxing fitness is such an amazing underappreciated form of workout and we wanted to help people in Denver try boxing!

Let’s get into some more info about boxing fitness and about our most popular boxing class in Denver: the signature boxing fitness class!

What is the definition of boxing fitness?

The definition of boxing fitness is boxing by throwing a combination of punches and defensive moves, usually on your own heavy punching bag, for the purpose of exercise. In other words, training like a boxer, except boxing fitness generally does not include sparring with others or getting hit. What is the difference between boxing fitness and boxing for sport? Boxing for sport is boxing against another person rather than boxing for a workout. When you box for sport, you do punch and get punched.

Boxing fitness is simply throwing punches and defensive moves for the purpose of getting in a good workout and what a good workout it is! The rest of this illustrious post will describe how great of a workout boxing fitness is in Denver. Yes, we enjoy a little satire and sarcasm in our posts here at Worth The Fight Fitness – we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously, but we are dead serious that you should try boxing fitness training – it will change your life, just as it changed the lives of our co-founders!

At Worth The Fight Fitness, we only do boxing fitness (boxing for exercise), not boxing for sport. Everyone has their own boxing bag, and no one gets hit. Come try a boxing workout at WTF Boxing today!

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Our signature boxing fitness and HIIT workout is an incredible full body workout.

Many people wonder is boxing fitness is a full-body workout? Yes, boxing is a full-body workout – your arms deliver the punches, but it is your lower half and your core that are responsible for generating the power of your punches. Therefore, proper boxing technique involves substantial use of the legs and core. Also, boxing is more than just punching. You also have defensive moves – after all, in a real boxing match, you can’t only punch – you also have to duck, dodge, dash, and jump to avoid the blows of your opponent. Even if you’re participating in boxing fitness not boxing as sport, you still practice defensive moves as well as punches. Defensive moves rely on your legs and core. Therefore, boxing fitness is a full-body workout that uses your arms, core, and legs.

Check out our Boxing FAQs post to learn more about the ins and outs of boxing and boxing fitness!

Boxing is a cardio workout that is more fun than other forms of cardio. Come try a free boxing workout at our CapHill fitness studio and we'll prove it to you!

People wonder is boxing for exercise fun? Can boxing fitness *be* fun? The answer is a resounding yes. Boxing fitness is more fun to the average person compared to other forms of cardio workouts like running and spinning. That’s not to say that running and spinning aren’t fun to some people – they are. But the average person is more likely to enjoy taking it all out on their own punching bag. I think I forgot to mention that boxing fitness is a form of cardio – that’s why we at Worth The Fight always also include strength training so that you get a good balanced workout that has both cardio and strength training in a high intensity interval training bootcamp class.

Should exercise be fun? Some people believe the stereotype that exercise should be painful and boring, but that is not how working out has to be! In fact, if you find a form of movement that you find fun and add more of it to your life, you’re exercising! The secret ingredient is that it is fun which makes it easier to keep doing.

In short, yes it is critical that exercise be fun! When we founded WTF Boxing, we wanted to pick a form of cardio exercise that most people would like. That’s one big reason we chose boxing. Co-Founder & CEO of Worth The Fight, Gladys, is a thought leader and authority in the area of long-term weight loss and forming workout habits – read more about her thoughts on sustainable weight loss and exercise habits!

Find a form of movement that you find fun and do it more - and there you go, you're exercising. Be creative. Dancing in your room can be exercise. Packing soup cans at a food bank can be working out. The key that keeps you going is that you enjoy it.

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Our boxing fitness classes and HIIT bootcamp classes can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour!

People frequently ask us how many calories are burned in a boxing fitness class? or how many calories are burned in a high intensity interval training bootcamp class? The answer is that a boxing fitness HIIT bootcamp class can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour! The amount of calories you burn depends on your technique and how much effort you put in. Some people will punch the heavy bag mainly using their arms. This does not burn as many calories as when a serious boxer uses his legs and core to get great power on his punches and keeps his hands to his face.

There is tremendous variation in how many calories are burned in a boxing class, even among similar people. It also depends on the metabolism of the specific person and how in shape they are. Some factors you can control, some you cannot. For example, a heavier man will usually burn more calories than a lighter woman. That does not mean the woman should try to become a heavy man, though.

If you care about trying to burn as many calories as possible, work on your boxing technique. Use your whole body through your punches and always bring your arms to your face as quickly as possible after a punch. It will be plenty hard, we promise. There’s a reason these rounds are usually only 3 minutes!

If you’d like to check out our boxing fitness classes, get our special offer of 7 days of unlimited boxing classes for $29 or get our best rate on a membership!

Also, here is some more information about why you should become a member of Denver boxing studio Worth The Fight.

Is boxing fitness easy?

We don’t know where this myth came from – maybe because it seems like you only use your arms in boxing, but if you have ever wondered is boxing easy? the answer is a resounding no. Boxing and boxing fitness is the farthest thing from easy. There’s a reason you have to use three-minute rounds boxing like we do while boxing in Denver – because everyone gets so tired even just during the first three-minute round. There’s no way someone could box with good technique and attend to themselves defensively for, say, a whole half a workout without a break.

Now, if you are a beginner, never fear – there are modifications so that you are working out at the right pace. Boxing is skill-based. Boxing is like the choreography of fighting and you know how as you are learning to dance, at first, it is awkward to string the steps together, but, as you practice more, you get more confident – it is the same thing with boxing. First, you learn the punches in isolation. Then you learn to string punches and defensive moves together. Finally, you improve your technique – you learn how to use your legs and core to get a real ‘smack’ on those punches and kicks. And trust us you will be waking up the next day hurting in places you didn’t even know you had muscles. We hear that all the time from CrossFit athletes and OTF athletes – when they try our boxing fitness and HIIT workout, and they really focus on getting the correct boxing technique, they realize they are working muscles when the box that they aren’t working as much in CrossFit and OTF (and I am sure the same is true in the converse as well).

So, in short, not, boxing fitness is not easy. But you can scale the difficulty if you are a beginner. If you want to try a boxing fitness class at Worth The Fight, we are great at showing beginning boxers the ropes (pun intended).

Our downtown Denver boxing class is great at relieving stress.

Boxing has a hidden benefit of stress reduction. Have you ever tried hitting a pillow when you were angry? Hitting your own boxing bag as hard as you want is a great way to get out all those toxic negative emotions. That’s why a lot of people like to go to their boxing fitness class after work. It helps them let go of negative feelings from their workday and transition to an enjoyable evening with their families. Other forms of cardio exercise, like running, can also relieve stress but boxing fitness is particularly good at it seeing as you get to whale on your own punching bag as hard as you want while imagining that it’s your boss’ face….just kidding, just kidding.

Boxing is a skill-based workout that empowers you and teaches self-defense.

Boxing is a skill-based form of cardio exercise – that is, you are learning a skill when you participate in a boxing fitness class. That skill is, of course, boxing and, more generally, martial arts. Boxing in turn will help you be more adept at defending yourself if the need ever arises. This is one reason that boxing is such a great workout choice for women in particular. Worth The Fight is co-founded by two women -who also happen to be gay and one of whom is BIPOC (yep, we check all the boxes).

Okay, back on track. One of the reasons we chose boxing fitness for our Denver fitness studio is because, as women, we know how important it is to have self-defense skills. That’s another reason boxing is superior to running or spin. We are amazed at how quickly people pick up boxing – beginners learn in a snap. We came up with a special form of programming to help beginners learn longer combinations by breaking them up into pieces. So if you are a beginner boxer in Denver, never fear. Worth The Fight is here to help you learn boxing in a snap.

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