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What’s the Best Workout in Downtown Denver (2022)?

Many a fitness studio has claimed that they have the best workout. But have you ever wondered what *is* the best workout? How do you define it and measure it? Is there really one best workout in Denver? And can you really even say that one workout is definitively better than another? Let’s dive in and explore this question!

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Are you wondering what is the best workout for me in Denver or what is the best workout near me? You’ve come to the right place.

Spoiler: There is no one best workout in Denver. Period.

A workout can be programmed exquisitely, using state-of-the-art equipment and the most recent scientific research to eke out every marginal benefit, but if you don’t enjoy the workout and don’t stick with it, it is not the best workout for you. Period. You may have wondered what’s the best workout near me, and a big part of the answer is whatever fitness class you find fun. There is an unfortunate tendency in the fitness industry to think it’s fine for a workout to be boring and painful.

Working out should be fun! If a workout class is enjoyable, it is easier to keep doing it and eventually build a lifelong habit of working out. Anyone who is telling you they have the best workout is being hyperbolic. What’s best? Is it the workout that results in the most weight loss? The best at sculpting/toning/building muscle? The one with the most variety to limit injury? The one that’s the most accessible? Is it the workout that burns the most calories?

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You get the point: there are a million different ways to define “best” or “better” and the answer is going to depend on who you ask. The real question is what’s the best workout for me – you need to consider your own goals and personality to answer this. A super elite athlete has very different objectives than a beginner to fitness, as does someone who wants to build muscle versus someone who wants to improve their cardio fitness. Make a list of your fitness goals and then consider which aspects of a workout contribute most significantly to furthering those goals.

There is no way to measure or determine the best Denver workout.

Even if you could definitively say what defined the best workout, the truth is there is no one accepted way to measure which workout is best. Many of the candidates for the definition of best workout cannot be easily measured and vary from person to person. The workout that burns the most calories or builds the most muscle for one person won’t be the same as for another. Even if it didn’t, we don’t have reliable tools and methods to measure a lot of this anyway.

Also, there are no big secrets in fitness programming. Every fitness studio in Denver is working from more or less the same set of movements. Sure, one workout studio over another might put together a workout in a slightly better way or might have a bit better equipment but at the end of the day, that’s of marginal (if any) benefit. The truth is that you can get a great workout at many group fitness studios and gyms in Denver. For most people, other factors besides which workout is “best” will make a much bigger difference in helping you select the right downtown Denver workout studio. For example. location is key for a lot of people because it is a lot easier to stick with a workout routine if you don’t have to drive half an hour to get there.

Also, in our experience as the owners of a Denver workout studio, fun is one of the most important aspects of finding the right workout for you. Consistency is key to seeing results from your fitness regimen, and actually enjoying your workout helps tremendously with consistency. You ideally want to build a habit of working out. And it’s way easier to build a habit doing something you like! One reason we chose boxing fitness as the focus of our workout studio is because boxing is more inherently fun than typical cardio workouts like running, spin, etc. That’s not to say that no one enjoys running more than boxing, just that that is our observation on the whole. (Read more: five reasons to try boxing fitness!)

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