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What’s the Best Boxing Gym in Denver (2023)?

Boxing is having a renaissance, both as a sport and as a form of fitness, and Denver is no exception to this trend. New boxing gyms are popping up left and right in downtown Denver neighborhoods, and tons of people in Denver are turning out to learn the art of boxing and experience the awesome workout. Some of them want to learn how to fight and others are there purely for fitness. Boxing is uniquely great among fitness options at developing you physically, mentally, and spiritually – and it is also just really fun! If you haven’t boxed before but are thinking of trying it, I highly recommend giving it a try. It is great that Denverites have an increasing number of options for boxing gyms, but the large number of Denver boxing gyms raises the question of what is the best boxing gym in Denver?

ABOUT US: We own downtown Denver boxing gym, Worth The Fight Boxing. We are an independent authentic boxing gym in Denver, not a franchise or a chain. We’re passionate about helping people learn to box (properly!) and achieve their fitness goals! To try Worth The Fight, get 7 days of unlimited boxing classes!

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Looking for a top boxing gym in Denver? Here’s why Worth The Fight Boxing is the boxing gym for you:

1. You will learn proper boxing technique and get results more quickly with our small class size and one-on-one coach attention.

At Worth The Fight, we keep our boxing classes small. They are capped at 20 people but there are typically less people in a class. In contrast, most other Denver boxing gyms have classes as big as 30 or 40 people. In our boxing classes, you will get technical feedback and do mitt work with the coaches in every class. This will help you improve more quickly and, also, you get a better workout when you use correct boxing technique. Therefore, you will reach your fitness goals more quickly at our boxing gym compared to a boxing gym with 40-person classes. A coach cannot get around to assist everyone in a class of 30 or 40 people. In those classes, you may continue to make technical errors that will slow your progress down.

In some boxing gyms in Denver, the coach is on a platform or on their own bag, away from the class. We have our coach in the midst of the class, cycling through all the bags to be giving feedback and doing mitts with students. A coach that is on a platform or on their own bag cannot help you with your boxing. We don’t have a designated coach bag because we want the coach to be moving through the class rather than stationed in one spot. The effect of this is making sure students get more individual attention from the coach, even though it is a group boxing class. This individual attention will help you improve your boxing technique more quickly and get a better workout. Many people think that boxing is mostly arms but it is actually most legs and core. The arms just deliver the force generated by the legs and core. At Worth The Fight, we will teach you how to engage your entire body in your boxing, not just swinging your arms. This will help you get the results you are looking for more quickly.

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3. Worth The Fight Boxing has ideal boxing equipment for use in its boxing classes.

We have optimal boxing equipment that will help students learn to box properly, as well as ideal strength training equipment. You will have a full-length suspended heavy bag situated so that you can move freely around it to execute combos in the ideal way. No one shares equipment at our boxing gym. If you have to share equipment at a boxing gym, you will get an inferior workout. The ideal boxing workout requires the ability to move around the bag because that allows you to most closely emulate real boxing combinations. You also burn more calories when you move more. In some boxing gyms, the bags are so close together that people stand in one place for the whole class, which decreases the efficacy of the workout. Also, sharing equipment isn’t sanitary (unless it is wiped down in between each use).

Full-length suspended heavy bags are better than the other types of boxing bags, which are aqua bags and floor bags. Aqua bags are short, tear-dropped shaped bags made of rubber and filled with water. They are only a few feet long and they are hung around eye level. Aqua bags are not an ideal boxing bag. They are typically hung very close together, preventing you from circling around the bag. As mentioned above, being able to move around the bag results in a much better workout and facilitates learning boxing technique. Usually boxing gyms with aqua bags don’t incorporate any defensive moves, either – it is kind of like boxing lite. But it is not the ideal environment to really learn to box. Also, hitting an aqua bag hard can hurt your hands due to the thick rubber, and you can’t do any body shots or kicks since aqua bags are much shorter than full-length bags. Boxing gyms in Denver choose aqua bags because you can put them closer together, allowing you to fit more people in a class. This is because aqua bags don’t swing as much as heavy bags.

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Aqua bags are not ideal equipment for learning to box.
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Floor bags rest on the floor and are filled with water or sand to weigh them down. They do not hang. The problem with floor bags is that they tip over even when you punch them lightly, which interferes with the rhythm of your combos. They tip even further if you hit them hard, so as you improve, floor bags become a worse and worse option for boxing workouts. You will also get a less good workout because you will have to slow your combos down and not deliver them at the rhythm you want. Plus, you get way more resistance from full-length heavy bags, which makes a workout more challenging. You will rarely, if ever, see advanced boxers using floor bags. The reason boxing gyms in Denver pick floor bags is because they are cheap and easy to install (no need to have a boxing rack to suspend boxing bags from, unlike full-length heavy bags and aqua bags).

We also have lots of other equipment – dumbbells, kettlebells, jump ropes, yoga blocks (for our Fight & Flex class combining boxing and yoga), slam balls, mitts (for our mitt work class which is awesome) and more. We have everything you need to train like a boxer! Come train like a boxer with us – get a week-long trial of unlimited boxing classes at Worth The Fight Boxing!

3. Worth The Fight Boxing Denver offers a new type of boxing gym environment in Denver that is unintimidating and welcoming while still focusing on teaching boxing technique.

There are traditionally two types of boxing gyms in Denver. The first is boxing fitness studios. Boxing fitness studios do not focus on teaching technique – the purpose is mainly just to get a workout. Boxing fitness studios typically use very simple combos and don’t incorporate defensive movements (defensive moves make the combos more realistic and engaging). For example, at a boxing fitness studio, you might do jab-cross or uppercuts for the whole round. On the flip side, you have traditional boxing gyms – think gritty Gleason’s style, typically male-dominated. They do teach technique at these boxing gyms, but the environment is intimidating for a lot of people, and the gyms tend to be not very nice or clean (part of the aesthetic, to be fair). Sometimes people say this type of boxing gym is more authentic but we disagree – here’s more about why we think Worth The Fight Boxing offers authentic boxing in Denver!

Worth The Fight Boxing Denver sits in between boxing fitness studios and traditional boxing gyms, offering a completely new type of boxing gym environment. We do teach technique and we incorporate defensive moves and use realistic combos. You will learn proper boxing technique at our boxing gym. But our environment is completely different from a traditional boxing gym. We work hard to be unintimidating to all. (After all, we are an LGBTQ-owned, female-owned, BIPOC-owned boxing gym, so we know what it is like to feel uncomfortable in a traditional gym environment.) We believe fitness should be accessible to everyone and everyone should feel welcomed and comfortable. Our boxing gym is also inviting and clean. Think an unintimidating Orangetheory but with boxing instead of running/rowing. My partner and I, cofounders of Worth The Fight, are in our boxing gym every day, and we care about every member and their fitness journey.

Even though our classes are instructional and focus on technique, our coaches still bring the energy to the class that brings it to life, unlike what you would find at a traditional boxing gym. We consider a class to be almost like a performance by the coach. We hit the perfect balance between the boxing fitness studio and the traditional boxing gym, taking the best things about each and combining them. Come and see for yourself – we’d love to share our studio with you. Get a 7-day trial of unlimited boxing classes in Denver for $29 to try us without commitment!

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Worth The Fight Boxing offers a new type of boxing gym environment.
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