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in person fitness studio workouts

Denver’s Premier Boxing Fitness Studio: Dynamic boxing fitness, strength training, and HIIT workouts

Thrive in Life: Leave every workout ready to kick butt

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Still thinking about whether to take this top Denver boxing club up on this great promotion on a founding fitness studio membership? Here’s a few more reasons you should pounce on this fitness promo before it’s gone:
Boxing Fitness is Fun. You should take advantage of our fitness membership promotion to join a gym because boxing training is fun. WTF Boxing offers boxing fitness classes where everyone has their own heavy bag (no sparring!). Our Denver boxing membership and training is top notch. We program our boxing classes to be dynamic, varied, and enjoyable. Boxing is inherently really fun!
Rates Increase Permanently Each Month. It pays to lock in your rate to our fitness studio membership early because prices increase each month. Also, locking in our best priced monthly gym membership in Denver is riskless since you can cancel at any time before the end of your trial week. Take advantage of our discount on a fitness membership to lock in this great rate!
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Save $40+/month Compared to Similar Fitness Memberships. Comparable Denver fitness studios and other gyms in downtown Denver charge anywhere from $179 to $220 a month for their unlimited fitness memberships. Our membership is $40+/month less. Those savings pile up FAST on a month to month membership. Save $40/month by locking in WTF Boxing’s best rate for life.
Get Free Boxing Gloves with Your Group Fitness Membership Promo! You’ll get a free pair of boxing gloves together with this fitness membership offer!
Support a Local Small Business That Pays Like a Big Business. Our downtown Denver fitness studio is an independent local business but we pay our employees the same as the big franchises and chains despite being a single location boxing fitness studio.